Becca can Breathe

Becca_Portrait Beautiful Becca came to WAG unable to take a deep breath plus she had a heart condition. Due to overly aggressive, indiscriminate breeding for show quality dogs (the Pekingese flat face look), poor Becca couldn’t breath.  Her nostrils were so small she would stop and gasp for air just walking around the house.  Due to the lack of oxygen to her heart, her heart was working overtime and starting to fail. Becca was only 3 years old and her future looked grim. An operation to fix her nasal airways would need anesthesia which could be fatal with a serious heart condition.  After careful consideration, and consultation many times with experts about an operation and the chances we might lose her, it was decided that quality of life was more important than quanity.  Sweet Becca deserved a better life than the struggle she had now.

Our deepest thanks to Dr. Johnson with Hadlock Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Johnson monitored her heart on numerous occasions, evaluating the extent of the damage, and eventually determining that an operation was possible and the outcome favorable. With careful heart monitoring while in surgery and Dr. Johnson’s skill, Becca came through the surgery with flying colors.

Although Becca still is on medication for her heart, her heart should improve now with increased oxygen. Shortly after recovery Becca could be found running and playing with the other little dogs at her foster home. Becca was breathing normally and now free to be her happy, little self.

Yes, she was beautiful but now she was also healthy!

 Becca was soon adopted to a wonderful home. Her best friend is a very gentle 150 lb Great Pyrenees, and chickens (she loves to go sit with the chickens) and of course her new, very loving mom.

provided by Judy, WAG President