Fees & Requirements


Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees vary depending on the dog. Dogs that have been through our rigorous prison training program will be more expensive than a dog that has not had the 6-8 weeks of training. Some small designer breeds may cost more than others.

In many cases a senior dog will be less expensive then a young dog.

All dogs on our adoption page will have the adoption fee stated on the write-up.

Our prices range from $100 to $500.00, the average being $300.

All our dogs are spayed/neutered. All have received Parvo/ distemper vaccine and Rabies vaccine (if age appropriate) and microchip. All have had a medical health check up and any concerns will be stated in writing.

Veterinary care, feeding and grooming through out the dogs life will be the major expense of owning a dog.

The purchase price of the dog will most likely be the cheapest expense. Please consider that when thinking about adopting a dog for life.


Most of the dogs’ individual requirements will be in the write-up about the dog.  An application most be submitted prior to meeting the dog. Once the application is reviewed and approved a meet and greet time will be scheduled. If the dog and the adopter are a good match we finalize the adoption.

It’s not “first come first serve”. We sometimes get many applications for the same dog. Many of the folks would be a great home but we have to make the hard choice as to which “great home” would be the very best home for that particular dog.

Our thanks to the over 1,300  folks out there that have adopted one of our wonderful dogs and gave them their very own Forever Home!