Crazy Stan the Animal Man will be walking the length of Washington, North to South, Sequim to Long Beach, in an effort to raise money for animal rescue groups.  He’s wearing ANIMAL MASKS every step of the way and bearing all of the costs of the walk himself.  

You can donate an amount per mile (he is walking 303 miles) or any lump sum.  Donations can be made by clicking here on his GoFundMe site, which will be divided among the 10 shelters who are supporting him.  Additionally, donations can be made directly to your favorite shelter.  You may donate to WAG, via Paypal, here on our website, and indicate that it is for Crazy Stan’s Animal Walk.

Check out this Tacoma newspaper article about Crazy Stan and his walk in The News Tribune

And this article in the Peninsula Daily News.

Also, find more information on his Facebook page:

There will be a kickoff event at Carrie Blake Park in Sequim Saturday, May 27th at 11am till 3pm.  Following this many supporters will begin the walk with him.

Updates on him as he walks across our state will be posted here on our website.



May 31  Milepost Molly says Crazy Stan is at 48 of 300 miles at the Crescent Lake trailhead. But Wait!! Is that a trail CLOSURE sign!! Do you think that will stop Crazy Stan?!?!











Yes, it’s Crazy Stan in the pouring rain on Highway 101 with Milepost Molly-she says CS is at 64 of 300 miles. Blister meter reading= 3 blisters. Crazy Stan keeps meeting law enforcement- must be something about the masks; ) Crazy Stan Cop Count= 4 cops.











Milepost Molly says you’ve entered “The Twilight Zone”- Forks at 87 of 300 miles!! Blister meter reading= 4. Crazy Stan Cop Count= 6. Today we helped Friends of Forks Animals with a spay and neuter event!! WAGS AND PURRS ; )

How many people will donate $83 for the 83 miles walked so far?  Donate on his gofundme site or directly to WAG via Paypal here as noted above.








Caution Bicycles and Pedestrians!! What about Dogs and Cats!! Crazy Stan jumped away from 2 cars and a logging truck today, ended up the ditch once- no shoulders ; ) Milepost Molly has Crazy Stan at 116 of 300 miles after an 18 mile day. Blister meter= 5. Crazy Stan Cop Count= 7.











Well Crazy Stan is back on the road again. Another 15 mile day!! Milepost Molly is amazed that Crazy Stan hit 177 of 300 miles working his way slowly to Aberdeen!! Blisters= 6, Cops= 8. Bear sighting (no kidding)= 3!!

Have you made your donation yet in support of Crazy Stan and all animals?









Milepost Molly says-wow Crazy Stan, you are st 192 of 300 miles and only 25 miles from Grays Harbor PAWS in Aberdeen!! Going for breaking 200 miles tomorrow!!!











June 16th  —  20 days on the road!  Crazy Stan continues his epic trek on behalf of your organizations and the animals in your care. Even yesterday’s miserable weather and a broken umbrella did not keep Crazy Stan from walking.










 June 18 —  Molly and the rescue pals are going a little wild- having walked 215 of 300 miles!! What an amazing couple of days- they got to visit with the Quinault Nation police, did a radio interview witch Ocean Shores radio, fought through a violent rain storm, and walked into Aberdeen to PAWS OF G H. Tomorrow they get to help out at the North Beach PAWS membership drive. Crazy Stan will tag along with them to make sure they don’t get too CRAZY!!  Support him and the animals at:











June 19 —  Crazy Stan helps North Beach PAWS in their membership drive and weekly garage sale!!! Love the devotion of the volunteers, and love those furry faces. WAGS and PURRS!!! Crazy Stan







June 24 —  Crazy Stan visits the summit of Mt Rose with his usual animal suspects. Molly, Frisco, and Slush enjoy the view. Hey!! Frisco and Slush- What are you doing with that Elevation sign!! Crazy Stan attempts to summit Mt Hood next Saturday.









July 1  —  The Rescue Pals feel for Crazy Stan. Crazy Stan has a major hearing loss. The climbing guide at Mt. Hood said it could pose a safety hazard to the other climbers and recommended Crazy Stan not climb. Crazy Stan is mortified- because of his handicap he will not complete the Climb for the Animals… a very sad day for Stan…











July 4  —  Crazy Stan has a blast at the Splash Festival in Aberdeen with the folks from PAWS of Grays Harbor and Harbor Rescue!! Love those volunteers, the festival goers, and their Furry Pals!!











July 5  —  Milepost Molly is back at it again!!! She says Crazy Stan hit 230 of 300 miles today- working his way from Aberdeen towards Raymond!!! 15 miles today, hot weather, lots of hills- Molly says Crazy Stan needs to get in better shape   ; )

Have you made your donation yet in support of all the animals Crazy Stan is walking for?  230 Miles — will you donate $230 to show your support?   Lets give him this support to help meet his goal.  Go to: or directly to WAG via check or Paypal







July 6  —  Milepost Molly and Crazy Stan enter the “Willapa Zone” in Raymond- after completing 244 of 300 miles!! The blister meter kicks in again as total blisters= 8!! OUCH!!








The CHINOOK OBSERVER had a great article on Crazy Stan and his efforts to raise money for shelters.

 Click to enlarge or check it out here:








July 8 —  Crazy Stan and Beautiful Sal live it up with the great volunteers and furry rascals at the HAVA Summer Fair!! You’ve got to love it, a 6 adoption day- kitties were flying out of the shelter to new forever homes!!











July 9  —  The Rescue Pals and Milepost Molly are all over Crazy Stan at the Long Beach cutoff on highway 101- mile 275 of 300 miles in the epic Walk for the Animals!! As Crazy Stan nears the end of his journey please consider a donation in memory of a special beloved pet. The Animals and Volunteers thank you!











July 12  —  Well the Rescue Pals and Milepost Molly are thrilled as Crazy Stan hits 292 of 300 miles!! Tomorrow they hope to stand at the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse on the mighty Columbia River!! Molly! I know you’re excited but careful with those paws on the shoulder!!











July 13 —  HURRAY!  The epic Walk for the Animals is over- 308 total miles!! The Rescue Pals and Milepost Molly say- why are you sitting down you lazy Crazy Stan- your work for the Animals is not over!! Indeed, it has just begun. Please consider a donation in the memory of a special beloved pet. Love you all for your support.











July 14 —  As Crazy Stan indicated previously, he had coordinated with some media for the conclusion of the walk. PBS television (Tacoma affiliate) joined us at the end of the walk and did a digital television segment- Digital First. Please find the UTube link below to the segment. He’s an amazing man, so dedicated to animals. Check out his Facebook page and give to support this great cause.

UTube link: /hZ_7SIHoohE?list=PLOsObsoOnuXR4vWs3gkVKiSXbs7B4svYh


July 15

Come join the final Hurrah for Crazy Stan the Animal Man in Long Beach, WA!  (Click to enlarge)