Although not yet open to the public, WAG has purchased and is in the process of transforming the approximately 2-1/2 acres of the former McCombs Nursery to establish the Half-Way Home Ranch—a NO KILL shelter and rescue facility which will enable us to save more dogs than currently possible with our foster care program. Located at the end of a quiet country road, the Ranch will be a safe haven where the dogs will be cared for in a loving environment until a forever home is found.  Not only will the Ranch provide a second chance at life for hundreds of dogs that are abused, abandoned, lost or surrendered, the facility will be available for all animals in the case of an emergency or natural disaster.

Existing buildings and outdoor areas are being changed as necessary to meet the shelter needs of our dogs. Currently we have all the fencing up.  The small dog homestead and the Big Dog Bunkhouse are now completed and fencing of the Big Dog Exercise Corral is beginning.  We have completed all county inspections and have begun to move dogs in.

Watch for an announcement of our open house to be held shortly.








We are happy to report that funds have been raised to complete the inside of the Big Dog Bunkhouse, which includes framing for insulation, insulation, flooring, counters and cabinets for the food station, lighting and heating.  We now need to raise the  money to build an ADA bathroom, as required by the county, and fencing for exercise areas.  Your help is critical for the success of this enterprise.  Contributions from our benefactors will be acknowledged with appropriate signage at the Ranch.

Other donation recognition opportunities include (but are not limited to:)

Memorial Garden benches ($5,000),
The Donor Tile Wall ($125-$1000)
Breed Specific Memorial Statues, Fence Posts, etc.

Redesigned areas for the big dog play paddock and the exercise corral, the bunkhouse and the garden simply cannot be without your selfless assistance. Please contact us with any questions you may have, or for additional information. Your generous tax-deductible donations are graciously appreciated. For your convenience, you can make your donations by cash, check or Paypal.