Riley was Starving

RileyA young man contacted WAG after finding a large dog roaming around and foraging for food. The dog was starving and had obviously been on his own for a long while. WAG took him immediately to the veterinarian.

Riley was an adult Yellow Lab but only weighed 40 pounds. He was 25 pounds underweight with sores on his legs, feet and tail. His wounds were treated and he was prescribed special dog food to help him digest food again.

Riley was placed in a loving foster home with Debbie. She fed him small amounts of food every 3 hours ( even thru the night). She was his angel and once he realized that he was going to finally get enough food and water he relaxed and started to enjoy life. In just over a week, Riley had gained 16 pounds, his ribs starting to fill out and his bones not quite so obvious. Once he was stronger and feeling good he was given his vaccinations and neutered. He then went to our partners at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center where he gained a combined total of 25 pounds and lots of smarts.

Riley was adopted into a wonderful forever home. He will never have to be afraid of starving again.